Everything you need is already inside of you, my queen.
Let's find it together.


Hello, my love. I trust that if you found your way here that there is potential that we are meant to play and create together. I'm always excited at what is possible when women come together. 


So what am I about? It is my belief that when women feel more free in their bodies, they are more free in their relationships, businesses, finances, and every other area.


I am a coach and entrepreneur who helps you focus on ditching the trash talk about your body and your shame around your deep hidden desires so you can unlock the power that will speed up your success.

In my former work as a Clinical Therapist, I learned much about how the inner workings of our varying degrees of traumas not only change the function of our brain, but how that impacts our self-worth and ability to show up as whole women in the world. It is my belief that if we are limiting ourselves in any part of life, we are limiting ourselves in every part of our life.

I have grown through my own personal sexual and emotional traumas and have found a rainbow of tools to help myself and other women to alchemize even the dark parts of our journey. Together we will look at the things that are keeping you up at night (e.g. unfulfilling work, unsatisfying relationships, hating your body, how the fuck you're going to make it all work, etc...), and find how to turn your light back on. I will support you learning how to allow every aspect of yourself to belong and to move into a life where YOU approve of all of it!

Yes, this is possible! I've got you.



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